I recently had my slide film scanned from my participation with Cordell Expeditions in 1988 as a diver/photographer when we were the first divers to explore a remote seamount 4 miles off the coast of Pt. Sur, California. Back then these were heady dives to depths exceeding 150 feet in the open ocean while fighting strong currents and sometimes rough seas. More about this adventure here.

Nautical Chart showing the shallow underwater sea mount off Pt. Sur, CA

My gear at the time, double 72 CF tanks, Nikonos V camera with large Ikelite underwater strobe.

Rough conditions with the my boat on site tied to the descent line, the grey inflatable would shuttle us between the Cordell Explorer and the decent line.

Massive hydrocoral and clear water down 120 feet. Malfunction of my film camera resulted in the line on the right side of the frame.

At the end of each trip a group photo was in order.