Big Sur Below the Surface…

It has been 30 years since I last had an opportunity to explore what lies beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Big Sur, California. The last time, I was a diver/photographer for Cordell Expeditions exploring and documenting a remote seamount 2 miles off shore from Pt. Sur. During the expeditions conditions would not always allow us time to dive on the seamount – “Schmieder Bank” (the seamount was later named after our expedition leader Dr. Robert Schmieder). We would make the most of what ever mother nature served up and explore the near shore coastline along Big Sur. Fast forward 30 years later and I joined a group of experienced divers aboard the Truth Aquatics – Vision dive boat.  We set off at 3am on a foggy Friday morning and headed north to the remote coastline off Big Sur. We spent 3 days diving remote off shore pinnacles including the famous “Jade Cove“. Underwater photography, even with the advent of digital photography remains one of the most challenging forms of photography but also one of the most rewarding!

Video from this trip – Diving Big Sur 2018

















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