Keith is an award-winning underwater photographer and has been published in magazines and local news media outlets.


Photographic philosophy: Keith strives to portray his subjects as who they are and not just what they looked like when the shutter is released. This philosophy carries over to all of his photographic interests whether shooting landscapes, wildlife, or our underwater denizens of the deep. The goal is to tell a story through pictures.


Projects that Keith has covered include: photographing the majestic great white shark and documenting the underwater geological terrain around the Farallon Islands, California. Marine life of our National Marine Sanctuaries and shipwrecks in the Great Lakes region.


Keith is a proud member of Canon Professional Services, & Nature First


Keith worked for 33 years serving his community as a professional firefighter including 5 years volunteering as a public safety diver looking for missing persons underwater in Sonoma County. Keith's photography skills have been used extensively throughout his career whether at his home department or while on assignment to California's wildfires.


Keith continues to support and volunteer his time with the Sonoma Coast State Parks , Stewards of the Coast & Redwoods, Redwood Trails Alliance, and s erves on the Board of Directors for the Cordell Marine Sanctuary Foundation.


If you would like more information about his photography or have any questions, you can send an email to:



Telephone 707.478.9686