Quietly an event happens once a year where 6 fortunate people who had near death experiences but were brought back from the brink with the help of bystanders, 911 dispatchers, fire departments, ambulance personnel, hospital staff and air ambulance crews. The Sonoma County Survivors Reunion hosted by Benzinger Family Winery is a celebration of a second life given to a few through the emergency medical system and bystanders who made the decision to try and make a difference in saving a life. This is the 9th year I have covered this event and each year is unique and special. The stories are heart warming and tough to hear at the same time, no shortage of hugs…

Sonoma County Survivors Reunion

Sonoma County Survivors Reunion


At the mouth of the Elkhart Slough in Moss Landing, California a sea otter floats on his back cleaning himself. With 250,000 million hairs per square inch, they spend a lot more time grooming especially since their fur is the only thing keeping them warm in the cold Pacific waters.


Sonoma County Sheriff’s Volunteer Dive Team practicing search and recovery at Spring Lake. Not a whole lot to see underwater here, green water, mud and silt. Still a good practice and confidence builder!


Photo by Wendy FloodKCFP1961

Photo by Wendy Flood