Sonoma Creek in Winter…

Made a quick trip to a nearby park, this may not be the Smokey Mountains but this is the closest we have in N. California. Sugarloaf Ridge State ParkSonoma Creek, This location is just a short hike from Adobe Canyon Rd down the Canyon Trail. This is a seasonal water fall so the best time catch it is in winter, a few days after it rains to give the water a chance to clear up from sediment run off.

Photo Info: Canon 1D Mark IV 24-70mm Lens, 8sec @ f/22 PP Lightroom 3 & Photoshop CS5, A sturdy tripod and remote shutter release really help to capture sharp images. Depending on the speed of the water flow, a slow shutter speed creates a sense of motion in the water. Also, on a sunny day this shot would not have worked with the dappled sunlight filtering through the forest canopy. Instead an overcast day solves two problems. One it gives you the ability to use slow shutter speeds without risk of over exposure and second, the clouds create a giant softbox to modify the sunlight to give you nice diffused lighting.Sonoma Creek Waterfall in Winter Sugarloaf ridge state park keith c. flood photography

Sonoma Creek Keith C. Flood Photography Landscape Sugarloaf Sate Park



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