Back In Time…

After several years of planning and training, the time finally arrived to drive 2,600 miles from California to a remote northern part of Michigan to dive on a number of shipwrecks dating back to the late 1800s. We were part of a group of twelve technical rebreather divers on a trip coordinated by Becky & Dave Schott who have extensive experience diving and documenting what lies deep in the cold clear waters of Lake Huron. Our dives were anywhere from 160 feet to over 200 feet deep for 20 minutes which required a total dive time of over an hour in 38-degree water after we spent our time doing required decompression. Two dives a day for 5 days was our goal, visiting historic steamships and sailing vessels lost over 120 years earlier after collisions with other vessels or succumbing to sudden violent storms that plague the Great Lakes year-round. Despite a number of setbacks, I was able to capture some of these incredible ships that to this day remain largely intact!



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