Say Cheese…

Hawaiian Lizard Fish, Synodus binotatus aka Two Spot Lizard Fish.

Underwater photography is extremely challenging. For this photo I was swimming between reefs at a dive site called “Marty’s Reef” off the coast of Maui when I spotted two Lizard Fish hanging out on the rubble bottom. To photograph fish you have to look well in advance for subjects. Once you spot your subject, pre-planning is key! All of my underwater photos are shot in Manual mode, where I control the exposure settings along with the flash output. I use two underwater flashes or strobes and carefully aim them to provide natural looking light. Once the camera and strobes are set for my initial shot, I maneuver in slowly and settle into position, being careful not to disturb the seafloor sediment that could ruin my shot. I must also control my breathing to maintain neutral buoyancy all the while, inching my way closer. I start shooting and continue working my subject until I have the shot that I like. Sometimes I only get one chance and other times with a more cooperative subject, I can stay and shoot till my air time is up and I must return to the surface. Special thanks to Ed Robinson’s Diving Adventures, Maui HI.



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