Rebreather Training…

I spent a week in Florida’s “Cave County” learning to “fly” a rebreather. I had read many books about the caves and the big names in cave diving over the years, not so much that I was particularly interested in cave diving but was amazed at what was being accomplished in the miles of tunnels that run from sites like Devil’s, Peacock and many others. The images of the water filled veins of mother earth in magazines like National Geographic, Ocean Realm and now on the internet are stunning and amazing.  I want to thank the staff at Cave County Dive Shop in High Springs – Jon and Kristin BernotPeter McCumber and Dive Rite for making this possible. The service from the shop was exceptional in every way, this in a time where the standard for customer service is pretty mediocre. The rebreather opens up a whole new dimension in underwater photography and makes for a great tool to dive  some of the “special” sites off the California Coast.


U/W Photo by Jon Bernot






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