Last time was March 31, 1866…

Luck came my way while at a planned trip to Bodega Bay, on my birthday no less! A Super Blue Blood Moon was scheduled for early on the January 31st 2018. After some research into timing, position and finding a compelling foreground for this event, the last factor was the weather. Certainly not every photo shoot comes out exactly as planned and one thing I have found is that it is good to have a pre-plan but just as important is to be flexible and ever vigilant for moments that exceed your preconceptions. The last time there was two full moons in the same month (blue moon), a total eclipse of the moon (blood moon) and the moon being extra close to the earth (super moon) was over 150 years ago. The next one is just around the corner in 2037!

Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon, a resident of the Sonoma County Coast while they love to eat pigeons, on the coast shore birds are the meal of choice. This is a pretty typical spot for a Peregrine to hang out waiting for prey.

33º @ 4876′

Ice diving in Alberta Canada – Lake Minnewanka, Banff National Park with Adventures in Scuba Dive shop from Calgary and Dolphin Dive shop from Sacramento, California. Under the ice at this location is a dam built in 1912 to provide hydroelectric power to the community of Banff Canada. The top of the dam was 30 feet below the ice and we dove to 70 feet, exploring the dam, block house and other features of a hydroelectric facility. Water temperature was in the low 30’s with visibility a good 30 feet.

Prior to diving a day was spent setting up the site including creating rings and spokes by clearing the snow to create a “road map” that can be seen underwater that shows the way back to the entry point.

Setting up the dive tent in 50mph gusts from chinook winds.

Gear had to be hauled over 1/3 of a mile from the parking lot on to the ice to the dive tent including all dive gear and over 50 scuba tanks.

Truck load of dive tanks.

Cutting through 18+ inches of ice to create a triangle hole large enough for 3 divers to enter and exit the water at a time.

Attaching tether line to divers as the prepare for a dive.


Warming up with hot water between dives in the 33 degree water.

View through an ice block of the spectacular Canadian Rockies.

The group…

Hawaii Underwater

4 islands and one rock in 3 days of diving. Highlight was diving the challenging waters around Kanaha Rock looking for palegics and an hour later diving with wild dolphins off Lanai. Mala Wharf is as amazing as almost any of the other dive spots with sharks, rays, turtles, frog fish and just about any other Hawaiian sea creature you can imagine!

Arc Eye hawkfish- Molokini



Un-puffed Puffer Fish

Santa Cruz Island

Channel Islands, Southern California – A few images from Santa Cruz Island

Our State Marine Fish – Garibaldi



The Spanish Shawl nudibranch



Tube Anemone (Pachycerianthus bfimbriatus)channel_islands-201

2015 Survivors Reunion…

Quietly an event happens once a year where 6 fortunate people who had near death experiences but were brought back from the brink with the help of bystanders, 911 dispatchers, fire departments, ambulance personnel, hospital staff and air ambulance crews. The Sonoma County Survivors Reunion hosted by Benzinger Family Winery is a celebration of a second life given to a few through the emergency medical system and bystanders who made the decision to try and make a difference in saving a life. This is the 9th year I have covered this event and each year is unique and special. The stories are heart warming and tough to hear at the same time, no shortage of hugs…

Sonoma County Survivors Reunion

Sonoma County Survivors Reunion


spring cleaning…

At the mouth of the Elkhart Slough in Moss Landing, California a sea otter floats on his back cleaning himself. With 250,000 million hairs per square inch, they spend a lot more time grooming especially since their fur is the only thing keeping them warm in the cold Pacific waters.


Diving into darkness…

Sonoma County Sheriff’s Volunteer Dive Team practicing search and recovery at Spring Lake. Not a whole lot to see underwater here, green water, mud and silt. Still a good practice and confidence builder!


Photo by Wendy FloodKCFP1961

Photo by Wendy Flood


Bully’s of Molokini…

Giant Trevally aka Jack, the reef marauders. These fish can be up to 200lbs in size and basically are the bully’s of the reef. As soon as I saw them heading my way I settled down and held still as they literally came up to my face mask to let me know whose hood I was in. JackJack02Jack03Jack06

Diving Maui

I had the opportunity to travel to Maui with my rebreather for some incredible diving! Thanks to Silent O Solutions for supporting me with tanks, gas and some trouble shooting.



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