Photographic philosophy: Keith strives to portray his subjects as who they are and not just what they looked like when the shutter is released. This philosophy carries over to all of his photographic interests whether shooting landscapes, wildlife or our underwater denizens, the goal is to tell a story through pictures. He has been taking photographs since 1985 first with a 35mm SLR camera, ahh...the days of film.


Later that same year he became a certified scuba diver and took a borrowed underwater camera on his first dive in Monterey Bay, California. His desire to shoot underwater was fueled by the need to share with others what lies beneath the ocean's surface off the coast of California. Projects have ranged form capturing the majestic great white shark, documenting the underwater geological terrain around the Farallon Islands, California.


Keith holds an FAA Remote Pilot license (for aerial imaging) and is a member of Canon Professional Services.


Keith feels it is truly an honor and joy to tell stories through photographs, capturing the beauty in architecture or documenting the life of a vineyard in Northern California's wine regions.


If you would like more information about his photography or have any questions, you can send an email to:



Telephone 707.478.9686