a magical day…

What a day! Wild weather and an amazing couples wedding day come together. I arrived 3 hours before the ceremony just as the rain started to fall at Lancaster Estate Winery. Mandy met me at the door of the residence where the ceremony was to take place in just a few hours. She was calm as a cucumber and said she was not at all worried about the weather. What a great attitude! It rained for three hours straight and just minutes before the ceremony, the rain stopped and the sun squeaked through the gaps in clouds for just an hour. Long enough to get some amazing photos with Mandy and Lawrence before dinner in the wine caves. Craig Lockett was my indispensable second shooter for this wedding and without prompting, while I was up on the hill photographing the couple, he had the vision to capture the dramatic shot (bottom photo) of Mandy and Lawrence  framed in the trees with the vineyard in the foreground. Congratulations Mandy and Lawrence!

Photograph by Craig Lockett



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