2010 Rosati Family Winery Harvest

This assignment covered shooting the harvest at the Rosati Family Winery and then following the grapes to Saracina Estate Winery for sorting. The challenge with covering a harvest was how little room there is to maneuver to get a clear shot of the workers. The vines were at their peak for foilage and growth for the season, obscuring any real clear view of the workers, bins and equipment used during the harvest. The best angles were high or low with no in between. A lot of time was spent scouting out ahead of the workers, finding the right location of good looking grapes, room to shoot and then waiting for the workers to catch up. The other challenge was the time of day. With the sun heading toward its high point in the sky for the day, conditions were very contrasty requiring heavy fill flash. I absolutely love my Canon 1D/1Ds Mark II camera bodies coupled with the 70-200mm f2.8 L IS and 15mm fish eye lenses! Shooting into the sun, going against standard photography convention, produces some of my favorite images….



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